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Thread: How does AT&T control tether aka personal hotspot on iPhone?

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    Default How does AT&T control tether aka personal hotspot on iPhone?
    I have an unlimited data plan from my HTC Fuze days, I have what is called PDA Personal Max (Tethering) it is $69.99/ month for this feature.

    My fuze went on the fritz, so I bought an iPhone 3GS. It was already jailbroken.

    I used unlockit website to download network APN so that data works on iPhone. However, when I do this, the personal hotspot option disappears from the network settings.

    AT&T customer service (sic) will not activate feature for me without taking away my unlimited data plan, and putting me on a limited data plan with tethering. They seem to notice the IMEI changed that my SIM card is using.

    Hence the major rub, I've been paying $70/month for nearly 5 years. I've suffered through poor coverage and anemic data availability. Ive only once used 6 gig, usually my data has been down around 2.5 gig. It's time I get to cash in on funding the machine.

    I say all this to say, MyWi has been very unstable on iOS 5.0.1, and no response from intelliborn for support inquiry. I want to use my 3GS to share data with my iPad and laptop.

    Does anyone know a way for me to activate personal hotspot and actually use what I've been paying for?

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    PDA net works great for me on my 3GS. I will further more say if you are using sbsettings then do not download the pdanet toggle it glitches like crazy and won't let u activate your tethering. Just download it turn it on and happy sharing that much wanted unlimited plan.

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    I just registered pdanet 5.36 on my iPhone 4 and I when I turn on wifi hotspot the SSID ISN'T FOUND by my IPad 2. I do have sbsettings but not sure if I downloaded toggle for planet. Any tips on how to get my wifi hotspot to work? I used to use mywifi but AT&T texted me they were going to charge me. Please advise!!!!

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