View Poll Results: Would you leave AT&T if Verizon received the iPhone and had the same price points?

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  • I would leave AT&T for Verizon in a heartbeat.

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Thread: How many would switch if Verizon received the iPhone?

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    Default How many would switch if Verizon received the iPhone?
    I am just curious, with the announcement of AT&T and Verizon talking about the iPhone coming to Verizon in 2010, how many AT&T customers would leave AT&T and join Verizon?

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    I have no issue with AT&T

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    My brother-in-law has verizon and uses the touch. he is a windoz fan. He says that at&t's network is a lot faster than vorizon. I think I will stay where I am at.

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    Seeing as I just switched from vzw to AT&T, I have time to waste and get reports on network speeds, etc before making my decision. Unless vzw will pay my ETF. Almost everyone I know is on vzw, so I get pinged on all my calls and txts not being in network. I originally switched because I wanted the capability to just swap the sim card from one phone to another easily. I don't need that any more, but I love the iPhone. Of course vzw's version will have to be jailbreakable or convincingly better. I have no qualms with AT&T, but think vzw's network is stronger in my neck of the woods. That, and everyone being back in my network for mobile to mobile free minutes and txts would be ideal.

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    I wouldn't switch. I get too much of a discount with ATT to switch. I'm also scared of what kind of GUI the phone may have with Verizon.

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    I'm still praying for citywide WiFi so I won't need AT&T. Or any carrier.

    I get the feeling I'm going to be waiting a while...

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    I am sticking with ATT. I have used Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Non of them cover the areas that I visit regularly more than ATT does. I have freinds that live in the same area I do and Verizon has no bars in there house but ATT has full bars. So I live in a good area and travel in a good area I guess.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    NO but i would switch to tmombile if the 3g worked with the IPhone

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    I'd switch in a heartbeat. I live in the DC metro area and I drop calls ALL the time, especially on the capital beltway, where I shouldn't drop calls at all. I dropped one call the entire time I was on Verizon's network. I love my iPhone, so I won't switch as long as AT&T has it, but they sure are lucky they have that exclusivity contract with Apple, because their coverage area in DC sucks balls. I often have to switch to Edge to make a phone call, which is ridiculous, since I'm paying for 3G coverage and should be able to make (and maintain) a phone call with it. Not to mention, coverage changes. For instance, I'll be in the post office one day and have no service, but the next time I'm there, I have a full signal, and then the following visit, no service, etc. It's just really foolish.

    But again, I love my phone too much to switch. So I just suck it up and pay my bill every month.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i would

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    I would only leave if AT&T lost the new iphone. I want my iPhone LTE

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    My personal phone is the iphone 3g[s] AT&T.....

    My work phone is the Droid on Verizon......

    Im good

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    The grass is always greener on the other side isn't it!!! AT&T works fine for me and I can move my sim from phone to phone.

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    Apparently AT&T is feeling the heat from Verizons $120 unlimited voice, data, & text plan so they had to match their price to prevent anymore people from switching...

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    Heat?? Shoot they've (AT&T) got the Jesus phone.. People will pay anything to have one.

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    Been with AT&T since the late 90's. I won't leave them. Also, because AT&T has the fastest data network.

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    im wouldnt switch unless at&t lost the new iphone... other then that ill stay with at&t...

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    I hear Steve Jobs is finally going to announce the end of At&t's iPhone exclusivity Wednesday...

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    im so unbelievably sick AT&T and their prices.... if they don't drop there prices.. im gone.

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    Actually they just did this week to match Verizons price drop. As of Monday AT&T is charging $100 a month for
    unlimited voice AND data.
    That's $30 less then it was.
    I'm glad Verizon is forcing them to do this.

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