Hi guys,
I'm using Samsung Eternity with a 2 lines family plan together with $15 unlimited data plan each month.
I'm planning on changing to an Iphone 3g and I want to buy an unlocked one.
Can I still use my old sim card with the unlocked iphone?
I have been reading many topics regarding this problem and I saw many people saying that I should change my IMEI number so that at&t won't know I has changed to Iphone...otherwise, they will ask me to upgrade to $30 data plan...Can anybody explain to me how to change that number?
Also, I just plan to use $15 data plan for six months since it's required when I purchased the Samsung eternity...I think I'll cancel it after 6 months...
is that be ok using an unlocked iphone without any data plan...i heard that all i have to do is just turn off the edge so I will not get charged for the data usage....is that right?
Thank you so much for any help!