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Thread: A few questions

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    Default A few questions
    I recently bought a jailbroken iPhone on ebay (iPhone 3g with firmware 2.2 ) and i put my simcard in it and since i had a media max unlimited plan with my samsung eternity the internet and every other feature worked!

    After about a day of usage I noticed I downloaded over 65megs of apps from the app store and saw it on my account info 65mb/Unlimited. But then i got a text message that said that my current data plan does not support the iPhone 3g and that I have to call 611 or at&t and activate a data plan for the iphone 3g. Now the whole point of me buying the iPhone was to just use my current Media Max plan which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the iPhone plan. If i decide not to use any internet from the edge /3g network will I be okay? I went to and installed an app and so far its been 3days I had no 3G or Edge symbol on my phone and i looked atmy usage list and it said 0 bytes sent and receieved so im assuming that i havent been using the data network so im okay. But I still have that media max package.

    Does anyone currently use a Media Max Unlimited package for their iPhone and have receieved the threats from AT&T? I want to know if its a bluff and if they will really switch my plan to the iPhone plan.

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    Here is the problem: You have an iPhone with an iPhone IMEI. So on AT&T's system, it shows up as an iPhone. Having the MediaMax will only work if you change the IMEI. This is technically phreaking, and is against the law. Also, you'd have to downgrade back to 1.1.4. Also, I don't know if AT&T gets the browser info, which would also let them know that you have an iPhone. That can be changed as well w/ an app in Cydia.

    I doubt that anyone has had continual success w/ the MediaMax + iPhone.

    Also, remember that because you circumvented AT&T's iPhone activation process, you could be violating some TOS for the data package that you have, and they could charge you a la carte ($0.01/kb). so 65MB = $665.60
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    ^True, true and true.

    Be ready for a hefty bill from AT&T.

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    Well I asked AT&T that I borrowed a friends iPhone to test and I only used it for a day and they said I wouldnt be charged for anything, unless they lied to me

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    Well I did say that they could charge you, not that they will. Be sure to check with CS, as they will be the ones that can for sure take off those charges.
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