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Thread: Swirly MMS - How I got it working

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    Ok so i just called AT&T and the lady told me i cant switch my messaging plan from an iphone plan to a normal texting plan. Do i need to be on some kind of family plan because im the only person on it or did the lady just have no idea what she was talking about? From whatb i hear its about the person you get but is it possible just to switch to a normal plan?

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    Okay, here is a situation that should confuse this matter even more. I know i am. I have a family play with unlimtied messaging. I have 2 iphones and an LG phone. On one iphone, i can use swirly to MMS no problem. On the 2nd iphone, swirly runs and gets notifications, but does not allow fetching of the messages. (somehow 2nd one is blocked.) So know i'm very confused. Same plans, same phones, same settings, but different results.

    Any chance someone who works for AT&T on these boards would be willing to check the difference between my two iphone accounts? (please PM me if you would like to.)
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    i just used Ziphone and AT&T thinks im using a SYNC no hassle no problems i check my online account and it shows the black SYNC that has been collecting dust on my desk... i call my old co-workers and their systems show the same the thing... it was a pain in the *** for me but i downgraded to 1.1.4 used ziphone and updated with firmwares that didnt have the baseband so right now im running on 2.2 it was a pain @ first but saving me alot of headaches now... some ppl say its wrong but i have like 6 phones that i own and dont use their mine i'll use them how i want...

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    Ok! I tried everything! This is what it says"possible incorrect mms setting unexpected http response (http/1.1 403 forbidden)" What in God's earth does that mean! This phone is making me go crazy! I just want to chuck it and get an old *** Moto BRICK phone from the 80's and call it a day! Someone help me PLEASE!

    Thank you, Alex

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    That has to do with AT&T's network... I tried to get my brothers working (same setting, same phone, same area) and his got the same response.. AT&T HAS to enable to WAP Push and check the box for WAP capable.. and any other box for WAP for that matter. it all depends on if you get a cool AT&T representative on the phone or you get a guy who is a stickler for "the rules". Keep trying though....

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    So today I added a new line to my account and got the family plan with unlimited text and unlimited data, installed swirlymms when I got home and it didnt work..

    So I went to and got in a chat with a rep, asked them to do an opa wap push, still didnt work so I gave up.

    about 20min later it started working, I got the pic my wife sent me and all is will..

    this is on a 3g 2.2.1 on att

    this does work, but you will lose visual voicemail.


    everything else blank

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    Wow....where do you all come up with this stuff and what in the world have you done to your phones??

    Tricking the phone into thinking it's not an iPhone???
    Have to give up your Visual Voicemail to get Swirly to work? Maybe if you are trying to access the server and port your VVM accesses....but why are you doing that????
    Heck...I've even read, maybe not here but on 2 other boards people saying the "KEY" is to download files for a Samsung phone, SSH the iPhone...create some folder, funny thing is the folder is already in Swirly. So I guess if the key is to copy files that are already present well then I have the "key" to every problem someone has solved before me.

    You guys go spend hours and hours playing with settings that will never work UNLESS YOU CALL AT&T!!!!!!! The settings are simple....for god's sake have any of you even been to swirlies forum.....there is a PLETHERA of servers to use...all of them work once you have a MMS plan added and TWO settings in snooper that have to be changed by AT&T for the WAP push. AND GODDAMMIT YOU DON'T HAVE TO ADD ANY $30 MMS PLAN....JUST TELL AT&T TO MOVE YOU TO A REGULAR NON iPHONE TEXTING PLAN, IT'S NO COST DIFFERENCE. Oh and for all of you who say, but I did and it didn't work....I have yet to see anyone mention that you need to have the AT&T rep resend your OTA (if you dont' know what it is you have no business trying to set up your mms anyway, so go ask someone else) and MOST IMPORTANT HAVE THEM RESET YOUR VLR'S, THIS WILL CLEAR THE REGISTRY.


    If you do anything different, you are wasting your time....but do what you phone, mms, and programs work without fail. Silly, all this propaganda....get a clue you don't belong playing with your iPhone if you can't understand simple networking!!!!! NO WONDER HALF YOUR PHONE'S END UP ON MY DESK TO BE FIXED....KEEP EM COMING GUYS YOU'R MAKING ME RICH.

    You dont' have to give up ANY features on the iPhone, I.E. your visual voicemail, and anyone who argues with me is a moron because mine works JUST FINE!!!!

    I can't wait to see you all whine and moan, and tell me how mean I am...or what an a**hole I am, yeah whatever...

    Here's the number to the reps who can and WILL make these changes for your 888.892.9760 So shut up, stop typing and call....and if you already hve your MMS working shut up happy you're not a moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostedbenz View Post

    Here's the number to the reps who can and WILL make these changes for your 888.892.9760 So shut up, stop typing and call....and if you already hve your MMS working shut up happy you're not a moron.
    You sir are wrong, I called that number 4 times today and had everyone tell me the exact same story, i cannot physically enable WAP Push for the iPhone, once they enabled it, it came up with an error and recorrecting it to no. I don't know what to do anymore.

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    Brutal call with AT&T. Asked to enable WAP push, resend OTA and reset VLR. They said they can't enable WAP push because it's an iphone. (i have the family messaging plan) Is there anyone on this forum who works at AT&T that can do the right thing for us?

    Oh yea... the call took an hour for them to figure all of that out :/

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    Ok, so I am wondering about one thing. I read that you need to have a family unlimited text plan which I do have...BUT, on my account it states "Messaging Unlimited for Families $30.00" and it also says "iphone Data plan plus 200 Text - $20.00" Is it possible to take off this plan? I have a 2G by the way. Thanks for any help.

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    if u call that number and they tell you they cannot enable it because its an iPhone simply take ur sim card out of your phone and put it into another phone. call again and ask them to enable those setting in snooper. make sure the server knows ur not using an iphone to call them.

    i did this and it worked for a lil bit. but it started failing again after about 30 mins...

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