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Thread: Help please just got my apple tv now what.

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    Default Help please just got my apple tv now what.
    Hello there
    I just got my apple tv 2 really small cant believe it
    I dont know what to do
    Install 4.4 and run mirror imaging with the Iphone 4S
    leave the 4.3 on there and jailbreak it
    I am running windows so I dont see how I can transfer movies accross in avi's and all

    Please help

    Also am I jailbreakable - running - 4.3 (2557)
    never herd of a 2557 before

    Is it easy
    What do people jailbreak with redsn0w or seas0npass
    whts the pros and cons in both


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    147 views no replys...
    too late updated now to 4.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtox2008 View Post
    147 views no replys...
    too late updated now to 4.4
    The reason is this:

    there are many thousands of iPhone, iPod, iPad users (and a few Apple TV) who read the forums, but only a few hundred or so who actively post and respond. Of those, very few have Apple TVs, and fewer still know how they work, so we can't give you a lot of help. There might be 2 or 3 people who post on MMi who can.

    I can tell you this much though:
    your iPhone 4s is not jailbreakable. Yet anyway.
    your Apple TV was jailbreakable under 4.3 but is not under 4.4. (yet)

    So you're stuck for the time being, anyway.

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    Ealier today Apple was still signing last week's firmware. So it is worth a try to use tinyumbrella to save the shsh for it just in case. But not a whole lot on the jailbreak stuff for AppleTV. There is XMBC for it though. And Plex.

    You can't transfer files to the AppleTV because it does not have a hard drive. Just a small amount of memory.

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    4.4 can now be jailbroken as a tethered jailbreak via seas0npass, though XBMC does not officially support 4.4 yet. Based on a thread on the xbmc forum, it sounds like a nightly version is about to be released that will support it though.

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