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Thread: ATV 2g jailbreak help

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    Default ATV 2g jailbreak help
    I have a atv wirh 4.2.1 os 4.3 I have been trying to jailbreak for 2 days using greenposi0n. It gets all the way to the end and says jailbreak complete but it is never highlighted so I cant click on it. I have left it plugged in for over an hour and jailbreak complete is still not highlighted. I've triede seasonpass too but I can never get it in to DFU mode. help me please.

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    Yeah, that button won't ever light up for you to hit it. It's just a message telling you that it's all done. Once you see that set yourself a 2 minute timer (you only really need 40 seconds but just wait 1-2 minutes to be safe) and unplug the USB cable from the PC and hook the HDMI up to your TV. You should be good to go after that.

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    Seasonpass is so much easier!

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    I put it in DFU mode before even firing up GreenPois0n or Season Pass. The trick to DFU mode is this...

    1. Hold down arrow and menu button at the same time until you see the little white light blink and go out for a second so the the ATV is rebooting.
    2. IMMEDIATELY as that happens quickly LET OFF the menu button and then quickly repress menu and pause/play until you see the little white light blink rapidly. Once its blinking rapidly you should be in DFU.

    Then fire up the software and you are on your way. I found out that if you dont quickly release the menu button between the two steps it wont go into DFU. So press and hold both buttons in step one, RELEASE all buttons for a split second and press and hold in buttons in step two. Works perfectly for me every time without a struggle.

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    I agree with NOYB111 about DFU mode before firing up the jailbreaking tool,as well as his method. The other trick I would add is that it's much easier to get into DFU with only the USB cable attached. Once you're in DFU, you can attach the power cable and the launch the jailbreak.

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