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Thread: ATV 2 can no longer jailbreak.

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    Default ATV 2 can no longer jailbreak.
    I jailbroke my ATV2 about a month ago. (When Greenp0ison released the non-tethered JB) and was a piece of cake. I did it without the power cable like everyone suggested. Installed XBMC and was in love. I hooked XBMC to my network storage and had hundreds of TV shows. I've been watching and catching up on all my shows for the last few weeks. I moved my movie collection to network storage. (about 400 movies) and added the source in XBMC.. It started crashing like every 5 minutes back to the appletv menu. no matter what I did (removed all sources).. uninstalled xbmc and reinstalled (which didn't appear to really uninstall anything but the link). Nothing was working. XBMC would crash every 5 minutes period. So I plugged the ATV2 back into the mac and rejailbroke it. That didn't really do anything either. XBMC was still there and everything was the same. So I did a full restore in itunes. It installed os 4.2(2060). I rejailbroke it with greenpoison, but GP doesn't seem to work anymore. It goes through all the normal motions but there is no NitoTV links or anything.

    Has anyone been able to JB version 4.2(2060)? This is the MLB.TV and NBA update apple pushed out. Or am I doomed to wait until next OS JB?

    All I really want is XBMC back.

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    in 4.3 hw decoder has changed and XBMC in the current state will not work completely on it. avi/divx/xvid will be fine but any h264 content that goes through hw decoder will crash

    it is being looked at, but it's advised to not update to 4.3 at this stage.

    Since you already have done it, you can do a tethered jailbreak with Seas0nPass. Just know that h264 content will still have problems under XBMC until the issue(s) can be resolved.

    Seas0nPass Updated for iOS 4.3 | FireCore

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    AH, I wish I had known that before I updated. I tried Seas0nPass and went through that whole process then the ATV couldn't find my wifi, or any wifi for that matter. Still kicking away at it.

    XBMC was crashing even if I wasn't playing any content. I could fresh boot the ATV, then just open XBMC and sit on the menu, and it would just crash after about 5 minutes. So I'm not sure that was entirely the prob?

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    No, see my post in the other thread regarding the crashing.

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    Awesome. Thanks man, I will give that a try.

    I finally got Seas0nPass and XBMC back. It's running fine right now, but I think I'll do this trick as well (just to make sure).

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