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Thread: ATV JB'n XBMC causing crash?

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    Default ATV JB'n XBMC causing crash?
    Whenever I'm running XBMC in my jb aTV-2g, it crashes and takes me to a black screen. Nothing seems to work...So, I restart the aTV by pushing the menu + play buttons...Anyone else have this problem? As soon as I start using the program, about 10 minutes into it, it crashes...I can't even search around to see what else I may want to download...heck, I can't even get into Hulu and search around before it crashes...Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced...

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    Mine was crashing every 5 minutes too. Worked great for weeks and then all of the sudden it no longer worked without crashing. just sitting on a menu or watching something it would crash and return to the menu.

    I never figured out the problem. I've restored with latest OS and now I can't jailbreak again to install XBMC.

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    This is caused by Apple's auto update mechanism. If you edit the hosts file on the ATV, things will return to normal. This will redirect the Apple update calls locally.

    First, SSH into the ATV and install and run Nano:

    apt-get install nano
    nano /etc/hosts
    Then add these lines to the end of the file:

    Save, exit, then Reboot the ATV and you should be good to go.
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    Hmmm, mine was glitching then returning to the film\music that was streaming. Recently it started crashing back to the apple menu so it was impossible to watch or listen to anything. I read this, ssh'd in, saved the edited host file, rebooted, and although it has now stopped crashing back to the apple menu I'm still getting a blackout of audio and video every so often through windows smb streaming. It's so annoying. This has helped somewhat but not solved my problem. HELP!

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    I'll give that a try...thanks

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    I watched a streamed film over smb last night, one blackout throughout the first half of the film, then more and more frequent blackouts towards the end!

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    Is this the same thing as the "updateBeGone" on the nitotv?

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