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Thread: External hard drive on ATV2?

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    Default External hard drive on ATV2?
    Does it support it on a jailbroken ATV2?

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    Not yet think they need to work out how to get hdmi cable and micro usb in together.

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    Not yet, maybe never, at this point it hasn't been done. But you can stream from NAS or shared folders on your network, which for me is even better.

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    I wondered about the external hard drive too. I've been hearing alot about nas lately though. What is it and where can some1 buy one?

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    NAS is an acronym for Network Attached Storage. Basically, it's much like a hard drive enclosure, but typically has an ethernet port for direct connection to a network. Think of it as a very simple and inexpensive server. For example, my Synology 211j cost around $400 INCLUDING 4TB of storage. I use it to serve video, audio, photographs and as a general file server. It's small, quiet, and remarkably easy to manage. I can even redirect an audio stream I receive from it to an Airport Express or AppleTV2, allowing me to bypass having to keep iTunes running somewhere, using DS Audio. DS audio for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    For more info on NAS, see:

    Network-attached storage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The NAS you are talking about, the Synology 211j. Are you streaming true wireless or cable to ATV?
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    Thanks for the info

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    I have a couple of different ATVs on my network, 1 wireless, 1 wired. The Synology is wired. There's virtually no perceptible difference between the wired and wireless ATV performance.

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    Why does it lag when i stream over wireless from mac?

    One more thing, I can get a NAS Synology DS 106 with 1tb. But will it work? I'm thinkin about the performance.

    So you say that I can connect the ATV with a network cable to NAS?

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    The NAS is connected to a router via an Ethernet cable, but the ATV can either be connected wired or wirelessly. Wired will always be faster and more reliable though, so if you have that option, use it.

    I haven't experienced any problem with lag, but I also don't have any 1080p source material. That seems to cause problems for some folks, though not everyone. Also, some people have better luck using UPnP than SMB shares. Either works fine for me, but you'll have to experiment a bit.

    Also, there's a ton of info and activity on the XBMC forums.

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    So what you say Dave, is that I can't connect NAS directly to ATV with a network cable, but I have to connect NAS to my wireless router? And then stream it true wireless?

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    If your router has multiple ethernet ports you can connect both devices hardwired. If it only has 1, then you'll either have to expand it or run the ATV wireless. There are many other networking configurations, but that's a bit beyond the scope of this forum. =)

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    I got it know What I did was connected my Synology DS106 wired to linksys, and Apple TV2 wireless.

    Thanks Dave

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