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Thread: Using Air Play through Air Sharing

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    Default Using Air Play through Air Sharing
    I have Air Sharing on my iPad. I have several video files in acceptable video format to play on my iPad sitting in folders within Air Sharing. When I go to play them, I have the option to turn on Air Play to my AppleTV. When I do, it tries to start and all I get is the audio playing through my TV. Has anyone successfully got these to things to work together? Air Play lets me easily stream my pictures to my ATV, just not the video and I wonder why? I have a fast N Network so speed should not be an issue. I have also tried very small video files with the same result.

    Any thoughts?

    Found out standard ATV Air Play only works with standard apple apps like iTunes.

    Solution - If you have jail broke your iPad add AirVideoEnabler through Cydia. I can now stream video to my ATV from other apps like Air Sharing.
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    How? I install it an try to use hulu+ and dont see how share the video to my atv2
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    I have not tried Hulu and I am not sure it will work. What I am talking about is streaming a video file that is on your iPad or iPhone, not streaming video from an internet source.

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    You can redirect a video stream from the iPhone to the ATV using AirVideoEnabler, provided the app uses the standard movie player. I currently use AirVideo to stream divX and avi from my home server to my phone and then redirect it to the ATV. This works incredibly well, provided you have a reasonably fast computer running AirVideo Server and a decent network at both ends. I even use it over remote wifi, with great results, at my vacation house 1200 miles away from the server.

    iOS 4.3 is allowing 3rd party app developers to do this very thing, without any hacks or jailbreaking at all.

    Of course, it would be even better if the ATV could just run something like AirVideo natively, but in the meantime, XBMC and PLEX work pretty well for that.

    BTW, Hulu, Netflix and Slingbox all use custom players, and won't allow you to redirect the video to your ATV. But if you jailbreak the ATV, and install PLEX, you can play Hulu or Hulu plus pretty well. Not exactly silky smooth framerates, but watchable.

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