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Thread: Just Jailbroke ATV 4.2.1 Successfully

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    Default Just Jailbroke ATV 4.2.1 Successfully
    Use directions from this link -

    Jailbreak Apple TV 4.2.1 with PwnageTool [How to Guide] | Redmond Pie

    I followed the directions to make the custom firmware and was getting hung up trying to get into DFU. Problem is I was in DFU the entire time, its just that iTunes doesnt say it! When I would put it in DFU manually or with Pwnage and then fire up iTunes it would only show the option to 'restore' and not say it detected an AppleTV in DFU mode. BUT, but... once you are in iTunes, if you HOLD DOWN THE OPTION BUTTON on your MAC while clicking RESTORE in iTunes you can select the custom ISPW you created. I did, it worked, I jailbroke and SSH into it and added NitoTV.

    All directions in that link worked, just need to hold down the 'option' button while clicking 'restore'.

    I hope this saves people some time....

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    Niice im getting a little bored waiting on the un-tethered-boot.
    Like you said in your other post its not so bad as the apple tv stays plugged in all the time.
    Have you tried fire cores software on it ?

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    Yeah my opinion being tethered with ATV is not a big issue at all. I dont want it on my iPad or iPhone, but ATV seems a mute point to me....

    I just bought and added aTV Flash. It installed quickly and easily right from my MAC on network. I havent had much a chance to play around with it yet since I am supposed to be working! I quickly fired up Couch Surfer and it worked. I know that is all in beta currently though and improvements are coming.

    I am trying to figure out how to make a file I can execute from the command line in terminal to do the tethered boot. Just to make it even easier for me when I do need to reboot. Currently I just copied the command line into a rtf file so all I have to do is fire up terminal, open the rtf and copy the command to terminal and hit enter. Pretty quick and easy if you ask me.

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    I tweaked the original directions posted in the link at the beginning of this thread.

    I did make the small script file to run the boot commands for me to make the process a little more user friendly. When I need to boot my ATV, (which is almost never once you jailbreak it) I just plug it into my laptop via the USB, plug in the power and double click on my script file. Once the script file starts running I put the ATV in DFU mode with the remote. Its quick and painless.

    For convenience I made a folder called 'boot' off my user instead of making the 'tethered' folder on my desktop. Copy ALL of the files into that new folder if you change it. So the script below assumes all your files are now in the folder path /<user>/boot

    Open your text editor, go into preferences and make sure you change them to save text files as plain text and not RTF.

    Copy and paste this script command -

    ~/boot/tetheredboot -i ~/boot/iBSS.k66ap.RELEASE.dfu -k ~/boot/kernelcache.release.k66

    Save the text file without an extension to whatever you want to call it and save to desktop. I called mine 'reboot'.

    Then fire up terminal, do a 'cd desktop' to get to your desktop from terminal. Type -

    chmod +x reboot (or whatever the name of it is that you called it) and your done.

    You should now have a little script sitting on your desktop you can double click on to run your ATV boot process. It works for me!

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