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Thread: Has anyone been successful in getting ATV 4.2.1 in DFU mode?

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    Default Has anyone been successful in getting ATV 4.2.1 in DFU mode?
    If you have been successful, please share how you did it! I cannot get into DFU with ATV 4.2.1 either with Pwnage or using commands on remote.

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    Those programs lie. The only way I've gotten into DFU is by doing the following:

    Hold Menu+Down for about 7 seconds( the little white light while blink really fast)


    Then immediately hold Menu+Pause/Play for around 7 seconds

    This has worked for iReb and the kernel patch many times for me while messing with it.

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    greenpoison gives you a countdown and tells you what to do.

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    Hey, I tried to JB my ATV and found a very useful article to do it...Additionally I had to perform some steps for the DFU mode thingy...Check that below:

    First of all follow the steps and video mentioned in this article:

    In case, you are still unable to enter the DFU mode, follow these steps:

    1. plug in usb and power.
    2. open GP.
    3. hold menu + down until light blinks rapidly.
    4. IMMEDIATELY stop pressing menu + down and start pushing menu + play until light blinks rapidly.
    5. let go of buttons, and GP started into jailbreak on its own.

    Hope it would help the readers!!!

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    I've jailbroken 5 ATV2s and I find the included DFU instructions to be completely hit and miss, mostly miss. Here's what I find works 100% of the time.

    1. Plug in ONLY the USB. Do NOT have an ethernet cable plugged into the ATV if you intend to use WiFi.
    2. The host computer, however, MUST have an internet connection for the jailbreak to work. WiFi or Ethernet, doesn't matter.
    3. Hold down Menu + Play for 7 seconds or so. Longer doesn't seem to hurt.
    4. NOW, start the jailbreak process in GP.
    5. Once GP recognizes that the unit is in DFU (which it should do quickly), plug in the power cable.
    6. After GP says the jailbreak is complete, leave the ATV plugged into both USB and power until the light on the ATV comes on solid. This can be more than the 30 seconds specified in their instructions, but shouldn't be more than a minute or a minute and a half.
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