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Thread: Apple tv 2nd jailbreak NEED HELP

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    I am not sure why people are so hesitant to jailbreak or waiting for untethered, especially with Seas0n pass out which makes it a jailbreak for dummies really. Since the product is AppleTV and by its nature should stay in one place connected to a TV, the need to reboot is rare unless you make some jailbreak tweeks to it. I jailbroke mine a couple week ago, and yes I have had to reboot it, only because I have played around and added stuff to it. I also made a small script that, before seas0n pass, made it a one click process to reboot. I agree jailbreaking tethered for iPhone or iPad could cause some complications, but for the AppleTV it really doesnt seem like a big deal to me. I think people assume the tethered jailbreak is more work than it really is. I even jailbroke my iPad tethered because of how simple it is to reboot if I need to. The only thing I wont jailbreak tethered is my iPhone because I dont want to be stuck somewhere with a dead phone if I needed it rebooted for some reason. Just my two cents. Jailbreak people its simple!

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    Don't you need to connect it by USB to your computer to jailbreak, or even reboot? That alone makes it a huge pain in the ***. It's not an iPhone that I can just connect whenever I'm home... and it's in my living room. The plug is behind my entertainment center.

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    Exactly, you need to have a computer next to your entertainment center, or a laptop that you can bring next to it, otherwise, a tethered jailbreak with ATV is a big pain.

    On the other hand, with XBMC working now, it is really well worth the trouble if you can manage it. So worth it that I'm going to pick up another ATV tomorrow to add to the TV in my exercise room!

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    I guess I am just assuming everyone now a days has a laptop which makes it pretty simple to bring over to your TV. To each his own I guess...

    I will say that I was playing around and removed xbmc because I couldnt get it working and when I did it messed up PLEX on my ATV. So I did a restore and used Seas0nPass to jailbreak this time instead of Pwnage and I had problems. The Seas0nPass jailbreak worked, but then when I tried to install my plugins like PLEX and Last.FM they failed. I saw on Firecore's site that this is a known bug which tells me I dont want to use it. So I redid the jailbreak with Pwnage as I had done originally and it all works fine again.

    One more note on for the guy who got the WARNINGS about security. I had this problem too. If you use the following commands you can go in and delete the keys and save the .ssh hosts file and you wont have the issue anymore..

    Command is: pico .ssh/known_hosts

    Execute that from terminal...

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    I just finished atv JB via seasOnPass.

    Via tinyumbrella I have:

    4.3b2 (8F5153d) SHSH
    4.2 (8C150) SHSH
    4.2.1 (8C154) SHSH

    No 4.1

    Does this mean that I will not be able to re-jailbreak for untethered when available? Being jb is cool, but tethered is a huge deal when the atv is in the living room and the mac (mini) is in the home office! Is untethered atv jb in the works?

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    I'm sure when a untethered jailbreak comes out for the other devices it will come out for the atv.

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