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Thread: Airplay can only stream video from limited apps

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    Default Airplay can only stream video from limited apps
    I was VERY upset when I updated my AppleTV and my iPad to the newer firmware in hopes of being able to stream any content I wanted to from the iPad to my TV. Some examples of this are Safari video content from the Web, Hulu+, Videos form my Camera roll, Air Video.. etc. It turns out the only apps that will stream audio AND video are the YouTube app and the Video App. Apple is also not allowing 3rd party Devs to plug into Airplay video streaming at this time so even if they wanted to update their apps they can't. I thought this would be a great work around to stream non mp4 content but I was sadly mistaken. Boo Apple!

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    Besides the air play update does anyone know what else was updated?

    I wish they would spend a bit more time on the AppleTV.

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    Hopefully the jailbreak community can make something to change that airplay restrictions. But who knows.

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    Does Erika's AirPlay patch for 4.2 fix this?

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    Only if the files are in compatiple format already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
    Only if the files are in compatiple format already.
    This isn't exactly true. If you have the AppStore program AirVideo installed, the AirVideoEnabler hack from Cydia lets you stream any media that app can handle, which includes avi, divX, mkv and others, with amazingly high quality if your network is up to the task. It even works over 3G, albeit with correspondingly lower quality. This works because the AirVideo Server is doing on-the-fly conversion, and then streaming the correct format.

    I do this almost every night via my 3GS iPhone. There are a couple of limitations. You currently have to start at the beginning of the video, so if you stop in the middle there's no way to get back to where it left off. FF and FR don't currently work. Pause does work, and interestingly, you can even pause with the ATV remote. However, if you let the iPhone sleep, you will disconnect and have to restart the movie. Also, incoming notifications and phone calls will kill the stream.

    All that said, I've watched quite few non-standard format movies and TV shows this way, and it works remarkably well.
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