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Thread: ATV Netflix outside US

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    Default ATV Netflix outside US
    How can I play netflix outside the US ? Can I do that with the JB ? Thank you

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    No. A developer must include the function to use proxy settings first?

    Netflix on iphone, ipad, computer with the right proxy works fine

    But I'm really looking forward to that!!

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    netflix on the appleTV works for me in canada, with the only problem being i can't see the family category of movies (all other categories of movies and tv shows display correctly).
    I can search for a family movie and go to 'more' to see the content, i just cant link to it through the main categories selection screen.

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    Thanks honcho & Katmeef !

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    Just tried in Thailand. Blocked!

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    A way to use VPN with the Apple Tv is using DD-WRT on a router. I have written a post on it here: How to Use Netflix on the Apple TV 2 From Outside the US

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibookster View Post
    A way to use VPN with the Apple Tv is using DD-WRT on a router. I have written a post on it here: How to Use Netflix on the Apple TV 2 From Outside the US
    How to Use Netflix on the Apple TV 2 From Outside the US
    So you have gotten hold of one of the new Apple TVs, and you are sitting comfortably in your couch ready to watch Netflix – only to find out that the service is blocked from usage outside the US.

    Fortunately there is a way round this problem. I have written articles on how to use Netflix on the iPad and iPhone already, and both approaches make use of a VPN connection. VPN stands for private virtual network and it basically connects you to a server in the US making Netflix think you are located within the US. A VPN service is not free, but it is a small and very helpful investment. The best VPN service on the market is by far Strong VPN and I use them on all on all my devices.

    The Apple TV however, is different from the iPad and the iPhone as it does not have a VPN client build in. Instead you need to make your router or wireless access point connect to VPN. No normal access point comes with the capabilities to do so, so in order to connect to a VPN from the router you need to take a standard router and flash it with the open source firmware DD-WRT. The whole process of flashing a router and setting up firewall scripts and so forth is NOT recommended for us mortals. The process is not plug and play and best case scenario it will not work for you and worst case scenario you will break your router. Unless you have a thorough understanding of networks and is fluent in the Linux command line I will not recommend it.

    Lucky for us a company called Sabia Technology is selling preconfigured routers capable of connecting to Strong VPN. They have a range of different routers and even sell dual router setups. Best of all they ship worldwide via FedEx. Just what we need to set our Apple TV free.

    So go to Strong VPN and order the “3 city special” package and then head over to Sabia Technology and order one of their preconfigured routers. Then get a Netflix account. This is dead simple – just register an account and use a fake US address or a friends address in the US. Just don’t have any movies send to this address ☺

    Use Netflix on the PS3 and Xbox 360 Outside the US
    As a side note it is worth mentioning, that this will make all devices on your network capable of using Netflix – not just the Apple TV. Even the PS3 and XBOX 360 you have sitting around will now be able to connect to Netflix even though you are not in the US.
    Much easier than having to go to your site to read it...

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    I use hotspot shield on my iMac and iPhone , but can't find the info for my iPad , any help?

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    I am also giving confirmation about watching netflix outside us. its amazing man...

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    I use it on my MAC, iPad and iPhone under the same account. For Windows they have custom application as well. I can easily watch any of the UK TV channels from anywhere

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    I am stationed overseas I use unblock us. Very easy to use it's army proof. Only $5 a month

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