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Thread: AppleTV 2G jailbreak guide 1600, 21, 1611 errors

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    Default AppleTV 2G jailbreak guide 1600, 21, 1611 errors
    Hi this is a guide which i made which solved my AppleTV 2G 1600, 21, 1611 errors i hope it helps you guys.

    unfortunately this guide is for Mac users only.

    Download at: Download ?TV 2G Jailbreak ? For those people with errors.pdf from - send big files the easy way


    Thanks go to everyone who made this Jailbreak possible!

    if you have used this let me know if it has worked, or if i have missed something out


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    I was able to install the firmware based on this guide; However, i'm not able to ssh into the device. I get the error, "Port 22: Connection refused." Does anyone know how I can fix that?


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    So basically, if you have problems, just uninstall iTunes, edit the hosts file, and reinstall iTunes? Those errors could be caused by wifi sync as well.

    BTW, the directions up to step 4 were short and easy, with pictures and arrows. Step 4 itself was the most complicated part for many people and was just a blob with no pictures!

    Eddie- make sure you restored with the firmware that pwnage made, not the one you downloaded. Also, make sure you're attempting to log into the correct IP address (you can also try [email protected]). You could try building another custom firmware in simple mode, since it includes OpenSSH by default.

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    Thanks for taking the time to help me. Pwnage tool 4.1.2 appear to solve the issue. i used it last night with no issue. I'm now able to ssh into it.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Even with PWN 4.1.2 didn't work for me. Still error 1600.

    I'VE FIXED IT, I DID !!!!!!
    What i did, after all this days? I will tell you

    I have to use both PC and Mac

    1) First Mac: download PwnageTool 4.1.2 and build your custom firmware. No more needs here (unistall itunes, etc...)

    2) Go to PC: download redsn0w+limera1n (Dev-Team Blog).
    (i think there is a Mac version too)
    3) Colse iTunes and run (admin) redsn0w+limera1n and use original firmware (not custom firmware) when asked for.
    4) I've choosen almost at the and of redsn0w to Put it in DFU mode and make it when asked.
    5) Finished redsn0w (DOne it!). Job done.
    6) Now with your apple TV on DFU mode, open iTunes and restore (Shift Restore) and ready.

    This way worked for me. No more 1600 error.
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    did this and still get 1600 error....

    edit: nvm, i just re-entered dfu mode with pwnage tool and it worked just fine.
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    Take out the redirect to Saurik's server to lose the 1600 error. If you get 21 then try different USB. I kept getting it cause I was using a USB hub instead of direct port.

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