FaceFilm let you morph face photos into a video!

From boy to president Obama, morphing 6 faces in a storyboard with FaceFilm :

Some 3x3 collages made with FaceFilm :

FaceFilm is powerful and easy-to-use app for the creation of fantastic face morphing. With a simple user interface and sophisticated algorithms, creating face morphing has never been easier and faster!

See how FaceFilm app works on youtube :

See how storyboard feature of the app works on youtube :

* #1 app to morph faces in high quality!
* #1 app to create morphing in real-time!
* #1 app to export as video / GIF / 3x3 collage!
* #1 app to edit 100+ facial points intelligently!
* Morph faces in storyboard, the more the merry!
* Shaking storyboard to shuffle faces, more fun!
* Built-in face gallery for reuse / re-editing!
* Sharing with facebook / twitter / email!

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