Hi guys,

Today a friend of mine talked to me about an app he had, which is called "Checkpoints". Here is the App Store link :

So, this app give you points each time you watch an ad, or when you win an in-app game. For instance, 340 points = 1 USD.

The interesting part is that you have 200 points when you register. Moreover, there is a promo/bonus code (which is "points2013") that you can use to gain 100 more points on registering.

As a consequence, you almost have a dollar per registering. Yeah, per registering, because you can register one time per device (so if you have 1 iPod and 1 iPhone, you can get almost 2 dollars just by signing up).
For instance, I have 1 iPhone and 1 iPad. My brother has got 1 iPhone and one old iPod, my parents have iPhone too, etc...
So, I got 7-8 dollars instantenaly. Then, i began to get points on only one account.
Now, I have got 13 dollars. In two days.

So, this app is really great. I think you should give it a try.

Here is how you create an account :

1. Download the app
2. Register by entering e-mail, pass and account name
3. In "bonus code" field, enter the promo code "points2013" to get 100 more points
4. Play in-app free games to have points and ask for money on paypal!

I got my first payment on Paypal in 6-7 hours. It's really a fast service then.

Thanks for reading, and sorry that my english is not perfect !