Time for some FUN!!! Some of our popular Apps have been made free for a limited time. Grab the Apps for FREE before the offer ends.

Encompass Pro
Lets you know the directions with respect to earth’s magnetic poles. Clearly points out the 4 directions: North, South, East and West. So don’t give a puzzled look the next time someone asks you to give directions.

App download Link:

Encompass Pro for iPhone
Encompass HD for iPad

Essentials Pro
Essential Pro is an incredibly helpful tool where you have “all in one” app like a Swiss knife developed for iPhone & iPad. It’s easy to use and gives direct or instant access to applications that are essential for your Daily Life, like City Guide, Alarm Clock, Worldwide Radio Streaming, Quick Notes, Audio Recorder etc. embedded in this application.

App download Link:
Essentials Pro for iPhone
Essentials Pro HD for iPad

Events Manager
Event Manager is the new easy way to plan your day. Planned around regular chores, the app allows anyone to create new events with just a few taps!

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Events Manager for iPhone
Events Manager HD for iPad

Finnish Typing Class
Typing Class helps to learn fast typing with fun and makes you more productive. This terrific application comprises of games to learn typing, with loads of letters and words that challenge you to type and finish the game play.

App Download Link:
Finnish Typing Class for iPhone
Finnish Typing Class for iPad

Dumpy Level

The Dumpy Level is an engineering app in the iPhone that is used to check for the presence of any depression or elevation in the surface level. In this app, there are three buttons namely, Bubble, Degrees and Lock. You can lock or unlock the position by simply tapping on the Lock button.

App Download Link:
Dumpy Level for iPhone
Dumpy Level for iPad