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I figure some of you that are new to the game might find this helpful.

Ice Berg

The ice berg will help you slow down enemies and will sometimes even turn them into a solid block of ice; completely freezing them for a brief period of time.

The rapider has an extremely fast rate of fire and is great at getting critical hits. It can attack both ground enemies and flying enemies.

This thing will hit multiple enemies all at the same time with brutal force. However, the driller cannot hit flying enemies.

The rocketeer is known for its long range attack. You can hit enemies practically from across the map with these. They’re great for when you want to hit enemies from afar.

This is the strongest tower you can possess when it comes to attacking enemies that fly through the air. However, it cannot hit ground enemies.

The charger will help you gain power by attacking enemies.

Death Ray
The death ray is a laser that will hit all the enemies that is within its range.

Fire Hand
This will consistently deliver fire damage and when enemies die from the fire they will explode.

Soul Stealer
When an enemy gets killed within the range of the tower, you will receive more MP.

Obelisk will increase damage of all the towers surrounding it.

Living Armor
This tower will hit all of the enemies that are within its range and will also not be affected by an enemy’s defense type.
So, it will still affect them no matter what their resistances may be.