The game adds story, the roles are more vivid. Although the picture of the game is simple, the fun of the game is not deleted, elimination effects are gorgeous.

The gameplay changed little, still to shoot the colored balls to eliminate. In addition, adds some new items. Master skills clearance is not difficult.
Since the emergence of Zuma game, a large number of similar games have appeared, compared to some of the well-made similar games, this Zuma does not have too many bright spots in innovation, but in the game feel and level Comfort are very well, allowing the player to have a fun in a simple way.
There are two modes of game levels, where each 1 to 9 small level is rotary launch pad, 10 is the pan, so that the process of the game is full of thrills and challenges, two game modes greatly rich gameplay, allowing the player to have a different choice.

Some levels there will be a special collection of items in the game. After collecting, you will see the collected and uncollected items in the collection system. Rich rewards include new items, new feelings radiate the charm of classic game again.

Interestingly, some of the beads have a clue, For example: suspend beads, back beads, fireball, universal ball ,bombs of the same color, unknown ball, point burst. Players have to carefully choose the beads to the game, fast or slow, success or failure, completely depends on the skill of the player!

Zuma was once the most popular table games, simple addictive game hidden charm. Let us work together to relive this classic playable game.


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