Suckers punc only need 0.99$

The most great puzzle game suckers punc is only need 0.99$ tonday on August 9.

Even a bustling city has a filthy corner crowded with rats;
Even a misty night could turn out to be till-sunrise wildness;
Still drown in dim lights and lost in downtown?
Be a man and escort those straying girls!

They are night watch girls in Fin City, living on the edge of crime and filth entrenched dark corner;
They are screaming for your help to fight against perverts and creeps;
Jangling nerves shall not take another wave of stimulation after all those uniform temptation and spicy hunting;
In darkness, Loli, Anego, Sluts, fresh breeze wait for your rescue and only thirsty to suck in some masculinity.

Temptation and aesthetic filled scenes brings you personally into the game;
Stylish and hot ladies whistle for your impulse within every cell;
Easy and exciting gameplay gives you sensational fun.
Itunes:iTunes - Music - Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists