Are you still playing console game?OMG!You are out!It's time to join in real-time combat globally!Here the first multiplayer casually PvP game named WonderCraft is coming soon! Different from traditional asynchronous online game, players can fight with hotties in oceans all over the world, and enjoy synchronous fighting. WonderCraft would bring cool experience as good as PC to players and make all of you play the casual game anytime anywhere.


What is WondrCraft
An all-new naval battle theme with real-time combat globally! WonderCraft is a multiplayer casually PvP game that lets you conquer the seven seas in your battleship. Combat against thousands of other players across the world in a classic naval setting, sink enemy ships with powerful cannons, turn the tide of battle with the cunning use of various items, bask in your golden glory, and become lord of the waters.



Massive multiplayer real-time PvP across the globe
Players from around the world can go online in WonderCraft at the same time and enjoy zero latency real-time combat! Choose your own nation in the game and fly your country’s colors as you sink ships from enemy nations on the high seas!

Fire at will!
Simple and direct gameplay is the crux of WonderCraft’s casual concept. Speed boats, merchant ships, battlecruisers, even submarines and carriers are targets of your gunfire.

Massive item variety to enhance the competitive experience!
Be the first to own a powerful missile for major area destruction, or instantly become an indomitable juggernaut with one of many entertaining items that will change the course of battle and make your gameplay more fulfilling.


Unique ships and medals of honor
What type of ship do you prefer? Offensive, armor-clad or stylish? We’ve got them all.
You’ll definitely find your favorite from one of the many fantastic battleships berthed at our harbor.

Classic naval battles in the Pacific and Atlantic arenas
If you know how vast the ocean is, you would know that conquering it is no mean feat. WonderCraft lets you take over the world’s waters any way you like.

A thoroughly fierce naval battle gives players a thrill of irresistible pleasure. World naval battle has been moved in your cell phone. Come on! Join in massive players from around the world to have a PK with them.


Attention please! The most popular PvP casual game WonderCraft is going to launch at App Store. Stay tuned for its launching!