Bucket of Aliens, the latest game from Boobga Entertainment LLC, is invading the world of mobile gaming and beyond. The game, which is available for both the iPhone and iPad, consists of catching baby aliens falling out of a human woman's uterus into a bucket.

“This game is just crazy,” says Brian Stevenson, an avid video game player who downloaded Bucket of Aliens out of curiosity. “I just started playing yesterday and I have to say, it’s kind of scary.” Bucket of Aliens has been gaining attention within the mobile gaming communities since its release, and people outside the gaming communities are beginning to wonder if the game is predicting the future.

The controversial game from Boobga Entertainment LLC is being noted by many as a sign of things to come. “I realized once I started playing,” Stevenson explains, “that this game may be onto something: what if aliens really invaded our planet and did mate with us. Would they give birth to humans?”

Rumors are now being spread that the International Center for Abduction Research is actively following the release of the game. Meanwhile, global iPhone and iPad gamers are mesmerized by this world-shattering mobile app.

Bucket of Aliens
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Boobga Entertainment, LLC is a mobile app development company specializing in iPhone and iPad apps. Partnering with some of the least known marketing firms in the world they have solidified their reputation as a major player in the field of “idiot entertainment”. Being idiots themselves their experience outweighs all of their competitors. Enjoy!