You love ocean? You desire talent of Marzena Godecki – the ocean girl to talk with cute dolphins and explore the deep sea? You dream of accompanying Jack Sparrow adventuring on Black Pearl to the world’s end?
Cheering wind of green coconut from Hawaii calls you enjoy the wonderful beauty of the earth and sky, the green waves, the coral reefs of the sea following as the mysterious message’s ocean. Realize your dream with the application:"Mysterious Ocean"-the shortest path takes you to the mysteries of the ocean!
According to the classic game, this app requires you to arrange pieces of jigsaw into a complete picture which turns out to be magnificent ocean in the end.
Eye-catching designs, vivid images and lively sounds attract not only you but also your children to explore the magic of ocean.
You can practice strategic thinking and grow your interest in exploring. The app makes you focus on to finish the picture in the shortest time.
The app includes two parts: squares of jigsaw and polygons of jigsaw.
Difficult – increasing levels of squares: 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5. The app helps you by hints and offer optional choices of images. “Help on” system displays the complete picture on which positions of pieces of jigsaws are shown. The app may attract you more than any others.

Enjoy “Mysterious Ocean” now!
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