You burst into tears when your child was born. You are happy when they say the first words. Your love for kids day by day grows along with their natural development. You know that the first lessons are extremely important. So do us. Therefore, our team has developed the app “First lesson for kids” with a view to providing your children not only knowledge but also happy moments right now.
A perfect application for kids!

The game requires that kids arrange random letters and numbers. It sounds simple but such an exited challenge for them. In short time, kids need to concentrate to turn the same cards. You might be surprised about kids’ memory if they often practice this application.

The goal of this app is to provide kids concept of letters and numbers easily by turning the card and hear its sound. You can help kids practice pronouncing by turning the cards many times and allowing kids to read along the system. Nice and user-friendly design, various source of reference will help kids both learn and play.

The app is divided into 4 difficult-increasing levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard. In each of level, there are three parts: the first of turning the same image; the second of displaying turned image and text; the third of turning by players. The aim of the arrangement is to bring the image and sound to kids before they learn the text. It follows the natural process of perception that kids may much more easily remember letters and numbers.

Let’s bring your beloveds the best education app right now.
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