You are the love cooking type? You want your little girl to be in the kitchen with you? You want her to be fond of preparing dishes? We can help you inspire you girl with a simple but useful application:
little girl cooking’

The application consists of 3 parts: cooking, skill waiters, food memory. Kids can pick different parts to gain the knowledge of dishes, improve the memory when they have to recognize and remember the dishes to arrange on time.
At ‘cooking’, the food is presented in a note book containing given dishes.
Through this section, the children will approach 16 easy and suitable dishes. To work it out, the kids have to stay focus to remember the ingredients, as well as pick the right one within 1min 40’. The ingredients will be added up after each dish.
At skilled waiter, the kids will be in the role of profesional waiters bringing the correct dish for each customer. The food will appear in the head of each customer for a while, the disappear, the kids have to recall and serve it. The customer might be a person or a family, so the number of the dishes depends on the number of the people.
At ‘food memory’, because the note book is opened and closed quickly, the kids can only see the food in a short time, then their mission is to find the food.
The number of dishes will increase after stages
Little cooking girl has some special features:
Nice design of dishes and ingredients
Lovely sound, suitable for kids
Various food
Helful for studying English
Improving the knowlede of food, memory
Easy to share the application
Let’s help the kids prepare the food for the family with little girl cooking. Bring amusement for you kids. Download the application at: