Build a WONDERFUL world on your World Tree with Dragons while itís free!
Appstore Download Link(for iPhone, iTouch and iPad):
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Make friends with the fairy creatures and dragons, and make yourself a fully animated, fantastic, and completely unique world of your own while itís free!
The Christmas Pack is on 50% discount! Get it now and turn your world into a fabulous Christmas Tree!

DEMO trailer:
World Tree Demo - YouTube

Features include:
* A FULLY customizable World Tree
* It's a FULLY ANIMATED world. Large number of high-quality animations make the world alive
* Up to 3 kinds of Customizable branches
* Up to 12 kinds of leaf themes and will add more in future updates
* Incredible fantastic graphic with full RETINA support
* More than 100 kinds of houses, shops, orchards and decorations for you to explore
* 8 kinds of juicy fruits to grow in orchards
* Make friends with your adorable citizens living on your tree like human, dwarf and troll
* Melodious background music and sound effect
* Specially optimized and customized package for the Christmas