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Little by little, create your perfect images with Pixel.
Get a much more delicate and detailed view of your images. Pixel enables you to create your pictures in actual pixel units, offering you a highly accurate representation of how a design will show on the Web and the computer. Pixel makes the details tell the story.
With Pixel, your images would get the finest, special treatment, and the creation would seem more dynamic and vivid. Basic, advanced requitements of image editing, just let Pixel take good care of your images.

Pixel is so capable of pixel editing , and will meet your most needed, most delicate demand for image editing.

With Pixel, you can create and edit images and icons in either standard or custom your preferred sizes by typing the numbers of length and width.

Pixel fully supports Layer function; you can simply adjust the multi-layer images at pixel level. In an ideal world, all image edits would be performed non-destructively with Pixel.

Pixel supports Layer Duplicate; make it convenient for you to duplicate layers before merging in order to retain copies of the unmerged layers.

Pixel makes the details look perfect in order to make the whole picture perfect. Grab the tiny beauty and get your great image. Icons and detailed images are easy to edti with Pixel, enjoy the ease and convenience with Pixel NOW!
Pixel is available in App Store for 9.99$:
Mac App Store - Pixel
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