For those of you that haven't heard of it already, This isn't stupid spam, its legit. If you have an iphone, its hella easy. The app is called "AppRedeem".

Go to on your iPhone/IPod Touch/IPad. (Theres actually more money in it if you have an Ipad, because theres extra apps for Ipad only.)

Download the app.

Use the bonus code "doublebonus" when you sign up, and you get like 50+ cents free instead of 25 cents.

Then all you have to do is download the apps in the app section, and you get anywhere from 15 cents to 1 dollar or more per app. There are free ones, and ones you have to pay for, but just ignore the pay ones.

After you have done all the free apps, you should end up with like 5 or more dollars worth of points. Then just cash out with paypal, and the money is placed right into your paypal account.

I've literally made 102.22$ from this app. All in my paypal.