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Thread: Apple Trap for iPhone: Promocodes to grab

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    Default Apple Trap for iPhone: Promocodes to grab
    No more spending time to find a game where Strategy is the only key to Success. We present to you "APPLE TRAP", a freaky strategic game, which promises to offer plenty of fun.

    The Obejective of the Game is to trap the LONELY Green apple in this basket group so that it shouldn't find a way to escape.

    A LONELY Green Apple is found in a bunch of baskets which wants to escape from the bunch. Lay a TRAP by tapping on each basket which locks the exit root of the apple.

    1. You can undo the previous move so that you get a chance to trap the apple.
    2. The baskets at the boundaries are the escape routes for the apple.
    3. Soothing background music and images.
    4. Polished background.
    4. You can challenge your friend to beat your score of the number of successful traps and failures.

    This game is highly recommended to all game fans , just sit back and trap the LONELY Green Apple.

    iTunes Link

    50 Promocodes to Grab!

    1. FK7EPXYX47K9
    3. JKYJ697LFTJE
    5. 6YK47A4WXWL6
    6. RJ7TR4RRN6TH
    8. TPFEFFX7476L
    9. PAXAP7EW4RW4
    10. WKE3R9PR47L3
    11. NX43FPXHK9K4
    12. M9KA4LPE4TJE
    13. JERA6E79HFH6
    14. Y4FTYW664YR4
    15. LK9N44LWRWTX
    16. YEKNYKL3MM7L
    17. PXT7H9JWHEWF
    18. HT7WT9F493T9
    21. JWWA4KP9F6MR
    22. 3TAAH3NRFJAR
    23. NTP3EAFEA6EF
    24. X37Y3Y6PMHLT
    25. 3XA93E7E6M3F
    26. KYEHA4WTHJL7
    27. JXM9NJHA46AX
    28. 6MFH4774J9RX
    29. M39WANRHYE66
    30. RPX4RNP6RRLK
    31. KKTJRY7NR3JH
    32. 64K34JRWKHT3
    33. R7MRK3JHFWYT
    36. F6WAN3M3MTAA
    37. 7FTWJKWF7TEL
    38. RTX69HY9K6NX
    39. ELEE7EY6TEWL
    40. P9ELYHXKJRJ3
    41. WRFTL7F6PNY7
    42. A73T4PJFMKPJ
    43. 3XFJ3YTEY43W
    44. 4KP6HTAP6XL6
    45. 6LNEAPWWNKL3
    46. TXHKREKM6P66
    47. 4EMFX7MWP9XJ
    48. 6EYEETM34PTW
    49. TA4TWY3KM4EK
    50. NR9MN7FRM6JJ

    Enjoy the Promocodes guys

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    ALL used. :-(
    If I've helped you or even just made you laugh, hit Thanks. Every time you do, an iPhone gets jailbroken. FREE THE iPHONES!!!

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