Nice App I downloaded today~ Following is an introduction copied from App Store~ Take a look!

Have trouble classifying notes?
Have secret notes you want to hide?
Try Note Keeper!

Note Keeper is a new released notes app~
With it, you can add and classify notes easily and quickly.
Besides, Note Keeper offers "Password Protection," "AES256 Encryption," and "Invisible Folder"~ helping u block hackers and peepers

1.Password Protection:
To prevent unauthorized access to private data, Note Keeper requires a login password.
2.Note Classification:
With Note Keeper, you can organize notes in different folders, saving much time on searching information.
3.Invisible Folder:
In Note Keeper, you can set some folders as invisible folders, and make hidden folders visible again with a special trick.
4.AES256 Encryption:
Data saved in Note Keeper are encrypted. Hackers have no way to invade your privacy.
5.User-Friendly Interface:
Note Keeper is very easy to get started with. Follow your instinct and enjoy Note Keeper!