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This App:
...... E.g

let you know his / her : like one night?
let you know his / her : ***? Lesbian?
let you know his / her : Takeo

The surface of this APP is a psychological test ,

while it could quietly store each answer's record.

Open the hidden pages you will see everyone's test answer!

Not afraid of a bunch of people to play, as long as you remember the sequence or time to know who answer it!

Can go to KTV or Night bar to play !

You can test your friends!

No one can escape your hands!


Find a guy to tell him / her just test his/her devil level,then let him test, he/she would see his/her devil level.

Then you open the hidden answer secretly, hey, share it with your friends!

If you want to get the Prome code, pls Email to: [email protected] (today 7/Oct)