Supreme Deadlines Manager

No more driven by dead lines!
Have Supreme Deadlines Manager to fix your crazy life by just a finger!

1. A smart vehicle helping you when:

- too much work, and all are urgent,
- too many bosses, and all are very tough,
- life becomes messy.

2. An efficient tool helping you via:

- counting remaining time (days and hours) of deadline,
- managing many projects/events simultaneously and efficiently,
- easy operation,
- efficient filing management,
- clear icons to categorize projects of life, work and study,
- enable your life balance and enjoyable.

3. Instructions:

1) Set a date/time of dead line:
- Set the dead line of a project or an important event, i.e. business deadlines,
anniversaries, birthdays of family, and school days of kids, etc.
- You get life counting of it.

2) Name it:
Give a project/event name for filing purpose.

3) Describe it:
You can write notes/highlights as reminder.

4) Save it:
You can save this file via categories, i.e. work, life, entertainment and
study,for quick reference.

5) Work it out efficiently:
You can easily review deadlines via a glance, and accomplish them in a smart way.

You will be happy with Supreme Deadlines Manager, so will your boss, wife, family and friends be!