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Thread: GoCal (Google Calendar™ support) - Manage your time faster with your Google Calendar.

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    Default GoCal (Google Calendar™ support) - Manage your time faster with your Google Calendar.

    Available On The AppStore

    Life consists of small things, but to remember all of them is difficult. Do not miss more than one item, a business meeting, important date, friends’ and relatives’ birthdays. GoCal will be your personal assistant in all matters. Google has created for everything Calendar, we also made sure that it would become more convenient and accessible for everyone via iPhone and iTouch.

    See what reviewers say about GoCal:

    this is just what google needed, it can view all my events and so far no errors. The iPhone calendar is good, but I like to use my old google calendar. I think app worth the price.

    "One more great app from Light Room
    Finally I can use my google calendar on my iphone!!! It's very simple. With this app, all that i need is to open GoCal, and that's it! I momentary can see my day events, or add new. It's really great app, that has very beautiful UI and stably working"

    "Loving it so far!!! I've tried several other calendars with many, many issues. Haven't found any on GoCal. So, worth the price!"

    GoCal features:
    We have saved you from all neseccities. Just open the app and start to use your Google Calendars. Easy, isn't it?

    App helps you in this important thing. With very easy user interface you have a simple way to view or manage your events. All of them are displayed on the day or month view.

    One of the most amazing things in GoCal is that it fully supports the google functionality for reminders. You can get a sms 10 minutes before the event or mail on friday about upcoming events this weekend.

    Imagine you've got a meeting but you need to take your colleague with you. Just open an event and add him to that event. He will get the email notification and he will come.

    All events for all your calendars viewed in one view. So you momentary can see what you must do in selected day. Using unique color you can easy understand to which calendar belongs this event.

    In event manager you can set event: name, start time, end time, location, description and participants. Also in this view you must choose to which calendar belongs this event.

    We redesigned the app from start to make sure it is easy to use and nice to look at. Your eyes and your fingers never will get tired or bored.

    Finally, we made sure that everyone can use our calendar, so it is supported even for the first iPhones and iPod Touches. Also the top notch users are going to get the top notch quality with amazing Retina display support.

    ===Notes from developers===

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    ===Notes from developers===

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    Pretty cool might have to check this one out

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    Version 2.4.0 Released

    What's new

    New features:
    ✓ Synchronization is no longer blocking the user interface

    ✓ Moved settings to the main view
    ✓ Moved calendar button next to display type picker

    ✓ Fixed the problems with searching events by title
    ✓ Fixed performance issues
    ✓ Fixed minor user interface incorrectness

    Coming soon:
    Recurrent events, we know about the need of this feature and we work hard to get you this as soon as possible.


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    Version 2.5.0 released

    ✓ Completely rewritten the application.
    ✓ Improved overall speed, making everything much snappier.
    ✓ Improved the quickness and functionality of the settings panel.
    ✓ Improved the responsiveness of multi-calendar support.

    ✓ Crash on sync, non-synced parts.
    ✓ Unregistered added/edited events.
    ✓ The loading times for event views.

    Coming soon:
    More more calendar management tools, more user interfaces...
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