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Thread: call recording

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    Default call recording
    i am currently using a 16gb iphone 4 jailbroken with 4.1, i know all the legalities in my question, and the purposes of what i'm going to do i am working within the law:

    i am curious if any of you have found a useable phone call recording program, either appstore or installyouandme or cydia apps are fine, i need it to work quite easily, preferably without saving my conversations on a website, as was the case with one app i tried (it also used the 3g connection to the internet, and was terrible quality even in the original call) and if possible i would prefer it doesn't have the "this call may be monitored or recorded" at the beginning of the call

    i have been searching on google and iphone sites for literally days, and all the app names that come up are either mia, or don't work worth ****

    thanks in advance

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    i'm also lookin for an app like that forever but i couldn't
    plz anyone can help us?

  3. #3 in app store works

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallasnights View Post in app store works
    that's the one i used that was choppy and had a recording at the beginning of the call, when i've tried it in the past, people hang up before the end of the recording. for what i need it for, i can't have the notification at the beginning of the call

    found "caller id faker" in cydia works quite well, you are limited to 2 minute phone calls though, unless you upgrade to paid service, not sure the price on it though... the audio quality is ok, and there is a delay before the person you are talking to hears your voice, also gives you the option of playing the announcement to the other person about the call being recorded, although the app is webbased and saves your calls online
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