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Thread: GeoTagged Photo Mapping App

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    Default GeoTagged Photo Mapping App
    Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone could help me find the right app to map geotagged photos. Allow me to explain the context; I intend to use it to map archaeological sites. Below are the necessary features.

    1 - I would like to be able to take a picture of a potential foundation, etc. I would then like coordinates of the various pictures to all be mapped out providing an overview of potential dig locations.

    2 - Additionally I would like to be able to click on a given point on the map(a mapped pic) and have that picture enlarged.

    Another thing that would be nice(not necessarily required though) in addition to feature #2 would be when enlarging a given picture to be able to see a small version of the map with the coordinates of that picture and perhaps the ability to add a note or description to that picture.

    It would also be cool if I could use various view options like what's in the included maps app; Map, Satellite, Hybrid.

    If anybody has used or knows of an app that does this and does it well please let me know. As everyone knows it can get expensive and time consuming finding the right app and for the life of me I cannot figure out the try before you buy though I'm assuming it pops up after selecting ‘Buy’ but I'd rather not risk it and not being one to pirate and steal it would be great if you guys could recommend something.


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    UPDATE: I happened to remember the MotionX GPS app might be able to help me here. While it does kinda fit the bill it's not really designed for this purpose resulting in clumsy experience.

    What it does do is allow for a waypoint to be set with an attached picture. The waypoints can be named as well in lieu of a description. Additionally the waypoints are plotted on a map with multiple view options(Sat, Street, Hybrid, etc.) To access the points that have been plotted as well as their attached photo you must navigate to a separate page. While this app is lacking a few features that would make this all easier as well as having a bit of a clumsy interface for this purpose it can be made to work. The few things that are a big disappointment in using this app is that you can't have multiple maps with there own waypoints. It would be nice to create individual maps for different sites and then be able to export the plotted data as a PDF, JPEG, etc as well as support for importing and plotting geo-tagged pics. I'm still looking for a more comprehensive, intuitive and pragmatic solution that will meet my needs but this will suffice in the meantime. All things considered and complaints aside, I am fairly happy with this app considering it was not built for this purpose. So all that being said I am still very much looking for something else and any suggestions are welcomed and will be greatly appreciated. If anybody reading this has a similar need I hope the above helps.


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    Have you checked out Locr? It's what I use for geotagging pics and you can then view them on a map online. Not sure if it will do exactly what you need but it seems to be a fairly good fit from what i know of it.
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