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Thread: An easy little "hack" for thinkberrys "aaa real guns and games-master collection"

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    Default An easy little "hack" for thinkberrys "aaa real guns and games-master collection"
    For those of you who've tried this app you know how much it blows only starting with 3k points and getting like 10 points a minute playing the "games" while guns cost 10000+ each and those ridiculous prices thinkberry offers to sell them for!
    Well no more I say! With this extremely simple "hack" (it's just a .plist edit but hack sounds better) you can have as many points as you want to unlock all of the crappy guns the app has to offer!!!

    1-an iPhone/touch (if you said no to this one why are you here? and how did you get here anyway?)
    2-said idevice MUST be jailbroken (sorry no way around it there are guides on how to do so here)
    3-thinkberrys "aaa real guns and games-master collection" (appstore)
    4-A file managing application or openssh-ing ability (cydia/rock, if you don't know how to ssh there's guides on this also on the site)
    5-An understanding of folders, directories and the keyboard (if you said no to this one, you are definately in the wrong place my friend, and futhermore how did you end up here?)

    Reccomended:, trust me it's crazy useful especially here, youll get over the popups

    And now, the guide:
    1) whip out your file manager (ifile for me) or openssh (I perfer ifile because it's got it's own text editor and I don't need my computer) and go to the AppStore apps directory, which for me is /var/mobile/Applications/ (If you used blackrain it should be the same but I don't know for sure)
    If you enter the Applications directory and see things like "", "" or "" THATS THE WRONG ONE YOUR IN /Applications WHICH IS FOR NATIVE AND JAILBROKEN APPLICATIONS

    2) go to your the "Real Guns" folder (ifile automaticly resolves the folder name, if your using anything else you might have to make some guesses)

    3) go into the "prefrences" folder inside the "library" folder inside the Real Guns directory once you find it (so the path should look like /var/mobile/Applications/(random numbers and letters whose only purpose is to be yet another obstacle)/Library/Preferences

    4) open the file named "com.thinkberry.realguns.plist"
    If it's not there then go run the application first

    5) look for this string:
    <integer>(some number)</integer>
    If it's a fresh install this should be the only string there

    6) replace the number with some ridiculous value. I chose 999999999 (nine 9's) because the display goes up to 9 units, but you can put however many that floats your boat
    So it should now look like
    Or whatever you decided to put in there

    7) this is the best part! save the plist and enter the app and spend your 1 billion+ points on all of the guns and games and then thank me that you read this before you spent hours upon hours getting points or, even worse, gave thinkberry $20 for them!
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