Further to the story on the main site last week about AT&T relaxing and allowing Slingplayer to run on 3G, o2 in the UK seem to be going down the same route by allowing The Sky app to run on 3G!

here is a snippet of an email just received from Sky

Welcome to Highlights, our round-up of the most unmissable live sports coming up on Sky Mobile TV.

Over the next two weeks, there are more than 60 world-beating events taking place, and with the very best of Sky Sports streamed live to your iPhone, you won't miss a second.

Whether it's the business end of the UEFA Champions League, the battle at the top of the Barclays Premier League, or the first darts being thrown this season, you've got all the action in the palm of your hand.

Coming Soon:
The wait for 3G Sky Mobile TV on the iPhone is almost over! Stay tuned to Highlights, or text HIGHLIGHTS to 60505 and we'll notify you as soon as the new 3G / WiFi update is available to download.


Of course everyone on a JB phone could run it on 3G anyway with 3GUnrestrictor but this is good news all round folks