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Thread: Okay is there hacks in Homerun Battle 3d?

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    Default Okay is there hacks in Homerun Battle 3d?
    Because I just lost a game that consisted of my opponent simply only hitting 3 homeruns and that was game. He didn't hit any crashes of any sort, each homerun boosted up his meter nearly halfway. Other incidents I've ran across is when my opponent has a homerun streak going on, then he'll break the streak by hitting a foul/strike/hit but all of a sudden the pitch resets itself and when he hits that homerun it continues his streak - this one I've been many of times. It's retarded. I'm in the Master rank (if anyone wants to add me up just add 'Dizzy') and it's almost not worth playing anymore because the risk of losing a match suffers you HARDCORE. Unless you're up against other masters, or champions in the top 100-200 - you win 7 straight matches then simply lose one then you're back to square one. This complaint is actually more of how the scoring system works. And also with the new retarded update that allows everybody to just buy their stats, instead of the long process it took to earn them yourself like we all had to. The risk of losing one simple match is stupid.

    But yeah can anyone confirm they've witness some sort of hacks/glitches or anything in the game?

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    Anyone? I've been witnessing the break of homerun streak pitch reset to continue the streak more and more.

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    Sorry i have no idea what game your talking about, but if enough people report a bug in a game, they'll probably fix it!

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    i think i know what you are talking about. i lost a match to someone that i occurred a couple of network error 8 messages. the message kept on coming up and and i kept on clearing it. i clearly won the match, but in the end, it looked like we switched points bars and i lost.

    hope they fix it. i like the game alot, but hate cheaters

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    I had the same thing happen, I hit 3 homeruns two were crashes then had a cycle then had two called shots on which one was a crash and was about to hit another homerun (Cause the bat was on fire)and the opponent had only a quarter bar and one hit later he won!! WTF I'm wondering the same thing. I also noticed the opponent missing a HR and the HR count still ticking.

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    There has to be cheating,how can the red bar go up,and the person isn't even hitting the ball,and how if he's missing more balls then you,can he still win.

    has to be hacked,my opponents red bar goes up,and he's not hitting the ball.
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    Default Cheat or Hack
    I just started this game! I have noticed a few things also. While playing, I saw the other player missing hits continually but his bar was advancing as if duplicating my cycles and crashes ? Had 3 hits, cycle, and homerun crashes throughout game,no misses and other guy had 1/4 bar then "flash"..He wins? Definately something going on ??!!!! I was thinking connection lag but not anymore. Also disconnects from server (Wi-Fi right next to) way to much. And whats with these guys leaving game when your kicking their butt.? Do they keep their ranking? Less gold balls for me?

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