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Thread: Go! Manga Fix missing series

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    Default Go! Manga Fix missing series
    Go! Manga is a OneManga viewer for the iPhone. With their latest release, 1.1.1, they had to take down some of the series. The dev also blocked 1.1.0 from seeing the manga. I wanted to know if anyone could be able to tweak the files so either 1.1.0 works again since it had a better interface, or to add manga series to the newer build.

    I know there is also iManga viewer, but I don't like the itnerface as much.

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    did they have bleach and naruto on the old version? it sucks that i have to have two different manga apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oo3 View Post
    did they have bleach and naruto on the old version? it sucks that i have to have two different manga apps.
    Yes it had bleach and naruto, along with others like flcl and flame of recca that I cared about

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    Well I have been making some headway since working on the program surprisingly. I was able to get the old tabs for the favorites and history working by copying the old .nib files. I tried to read the main file, most of it is code I can't figure how to disassemble. From what I can read it is written in cURL library language, and he seems to be calling his own server on Google to load the images, so it might be impossible client side to add the missing manga. If anyone with more expertise in programming would like to help and give a second opinion, that would be great

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    I have successfully added back a missing series in Go! Manga by editing the "Favorites.dat" file. The file is just a .plist so use a plist editor to modify the file.

    I suggest if you're on Windows to use this app, please thank this guy using the Thanks! button.

    Ok, now for the good part. First off add a manga to your favorites within Go! Manga, doesn't matter what manga, we are going to be changing it, just make sure it is in the same class of manga, i.e. Anime for an Anime manga. Then you will need to open the "Favorites.dat" file using the program above. Go to OneManaga and search for the manga you really want. Now go back to the file and scroll down to the last entry, you will need to change a few things. First of the OM Rank, which is found right under the series info. Next is the Name, the just as it is, the second uses _ for the spaces, then enter the last chapter number, then the name with _ / last chapter number, and the date of the last update or "competed" if the series is complete. There you go, save, replace the file, open the app and the missing manga is now in you favorites.

    Now this isn't a perfect fix, this is a long process if you are missing many manga series you want, but it's the best I could come up with and it works. Maybe if someone is feeling helpful, they can look through all the missing manga and add them to a favorites file for us. But now you can once again read your Naruto, Bleach, FLCL, whatever on your Go! Manga app again

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