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Thread: Beejive 3.0 Just went live with Push!!!

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    Default Beejive 3.0 Just went live with Push!!!
    Erase your old one, download a new copy... it will be 3.0!


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    Default Hold Off!
    Their servers IM Proxy servers are DEAD!
    Hold off on the update...

    No connections are getting through Bejivee's servers...

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    Mine's working great

    Sending and receiving on 3.0

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    Push working great but the app itself is as stable as [insert analogy of something REALLY unstable here]

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    Mines been great. People reported yahoo problems, but I dont use it so... That might be your issue?

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    I don't use Yahoo either. AIM/MSN/Facebook/Google here.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Yes. Yahoo is an issue ATM. But AIM, MSN, Facebook, and GTalk all work great.
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    "happy dance"

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    It's a shame it costs 6. IM+ Lite works good enough for me

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    indeed the price is excesive for what it is, and for the options that are around and either much cheaper or free

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    yea... can't even log into yahoo at all... hopefully they will fix that soon...

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    Ohh Ohh Ohh it sure is nice to FINALLY have a proper working MSN on the iPhone.

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    I'm using yahoo just fine along with AIM, Gtalk, and msn.

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    can somebody please explain what the hell is goin on here, i expected the app to run in the background but now i'm reading on their website that it's only push email? as in they send you an e-mail when you get a msg?! am i missing something here?

    and the app keeps telling me to connect to itunes to enable push,what do i do with that? ur help would be greatly appreciated on this one...

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    their website must not be updated... it is not just push to email...

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    It works the same as the stock sms app. Pops up the box when a message is received and makes a sound. Very cool.

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    working very nicely for me.

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