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Thread: [Review] Who Has The Biggest Brain

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    Default [Review] Who Has The Biggest Brain
    Game Information (review date: 3/22/2009)
    Title: Who has the biggest brain?
    Developer: Playfish
    Price: 4.99
    Site: Playfish -Social Games


    First off, Im a fan on brain challege games. I purchased "Brain Challenge" when it first appeared on the iPhone and was amazed. Who has the biggest brain , in my opinion, is not a challenger to "Brain Challenge". It tries to be the first (or one of the first) apps to combine social networking with gaming. It does this by connecting you directly to your facebook account. Think of facebook app meets iPhone app. Infact this game is copy of the facebook app. This approach has its good and bad sides, good side, it allows you easily to see all your friends scores and compare. The bad side is that you MUST have a facebook account to do any type of real tracking. Unlike most, I do not own a facebook account and I dont plan on owning a facebook account, which leaves me high and dry. On to the game...

    This game offers many great features that a game like brain challenge does not. But please remember this is a facebook app copy. The first thing that caught my eye was the nice graphic. This game isnt challeging the iPhone in anyway, but use simple shapes and colors to make the game graphically appealing. Its a very simple game with 4 buttons on the start screen, Play, Practice, Friends and Profile.

    Friends is that facebook aspect of the game which allow you to see your friends as well as compare your scores and records IF you have a facebook account. Profile has stats on yourself that is accumlated while you play the game, like which game your the best at as well as trophies and a calendar which keeps track of your game play. Trophies give you a reasons to play or replay. Its like unlockables on XBOX. As symbolic as it sounds these two features are half of what appears on the main menu screen and are basically half of what makes up the game.

    Now, the great thing about this game, in my opinion is that its a pick up and play game. Its one of those games while your waiting in line or on a quick break at work you can pickup and play. When you hit play you are kicked into 4 games, which require about 1 minutes of your time each, in total 4 minutes. This allows anyone, no matter how busy your schedule, to pick up and play at least once a day. The games cover 4 categories, Calculation, Memory, Logic and Visual. Within each category there are 3 different games that will randomly appear. All of which are representitive of the category. These games are mostly fun and entertaining even after playing them a few times. They can also be very challenging and frustrating depending on the game.Within 4-5 game plays I was able to play all 12 games. The games are very simple like choosing whether the puzzle needs a plus, minus, divide or times sign to create the correct answer to choosing a puzzle piece that fits into the puzzle.

    Overall, theres not a lot of depth to this game, besides the statistics and facebook aspect. But I dont think its ment to be. Its ment to be a game which you can play everyday and wont get bored of it. It challenges your mind to think a little, and more often then not improves your thinking skills. If you owned Brain Challenge, this may not be the game for you. If you find yourself waiting in lines or sitting down wanting to play a game but dont have enough time to jump into a game like payback or monopoly, this may be the game for you. You can also play this game on facebook (which I hear is much easier) for free. For 4.99, the price may be way to high for a facebook clone. A better price point would be 1.99-.99. If you would like a trial version, go on to facebook and try that app here. Then if you like it, purchase it for your iPhone.

    Bottom line: Nice simple game, overpriced at 4.99, wait for a price drop or play it on facebook.

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    I like a good challenge...might have to try it

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    Ive played this on Facebook. Interesting.

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