Hey guys/gals,

We just released Tilt It!, Mehware's second iPhone game. Here is a description followed by some screenshots and links where you can get it.

Much like a classic Pachinko game, “Tilt It!” is played by dropping discs down a pegged board for prizes. Utilizing the iPhone’s amazing motion sensor technology, the player can tilt the board back and forth to guide the disc into the correct slot. Using realistic physics, “Tilt It!” provides a unique experience play after play.

- 10 beautiful scrolling backgrounds
- 10 progressively harder levels
- 10 unique designs for each level
- Particle System
- Realistic physics
- Music

Enjoy this fun physics based game!


You can check out our website at http://www.mehware.com

You can check out a demo (video) of the game at TiltItDemo

The goal of the game is to get $40,000 to advance to the next level. Each level gets harder and harder. Its going to take a while to get used to at first. If you get the disc in the green slot its plus money/discs, in the red is minus money/discs.

We are giving away 7 promo codes to the first 7 people that pm me who would like to test out the game and give us feedback for improvements/review. Promo codes last a month.

Here is where you can get the game,


It sells for $0.99 USD currently because of the new years! Come get it before the price goes back up to $1.99.

Updates will always be free. Expect a major update mid-end of January!

- Matthew