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Thread: Store apps stuck upgrading?

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    Default Store apps stuck upgrading?
    I opened the app store on my jailbroke 2.2 phone and it said I had 3 upgrades so I hit upgrade all. It sent me back to springboard to begin the upgrade but they never did their just shadowed out saying loading and I can't delete them or get them to finish upgrading

    Any suggestions?

    I did try to use finder to delete one to see if that worked but didn't. Also did a respring and turned it off. Won't be near a computer for another couple days so any help would be appreciated.

    Side question: assuming flash makes it to the iPhone that will be a firmware upgrade right I won't need to buy a new phone will I?

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    I dont understand ur question clearly but if u wanna delete an apple store app. tap its icon&hold for a sec then when u see the X,delete it after u syc with itunes.

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    I've had apps say they need upgrading, and it seems to just get stuck in a loop. I've not experienced it since the recent itunes/osx updates, but what I did find that fixes the problem before then was to entirely delete the app from my computer and the iphone and then just download them again. Since you've already bought them, itunes will just let you download the app again for free, and this time it will be the updated version. Just sync it to your phone and you'll get those annoying update notices to disappear.

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