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Thread: clueless

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    Question clueless
    ok i just bought this 3g and i came across the unlock software. Can anyone tell me if it is real and if i can use without any tech expericence? This is all new to me i need some help. Please be nice.

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    Last I checked, there's still no software unlock solution for the 3G. Care to post a link to what you found?

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    here is the link iPhone Unlocking Program.
    am still wondering if i sh'd trust and just buy it

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    That image is from their website. As you can see, the iPhone 3G hasn't been unlocked yet. (By software.)  03473

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    oh ok i found this guy that said he would unlock my 3g but he says he will have to down grade to the 2.0.2 firmware so my qn is, does that make it just a normal i phone without the 3g ability? i don't have a clue how this works...... help!!!!!

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    You can't unlock a 3G yet so chances are you're getting scammed.

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    lol scammed indeed..... everything hes trying to sell u can get for free if u have 1hr spare and tinterweb,just looked at link,have u guys seen what hes offering as bonus items if u buy?? not the best freebees

    BTW 3g CANNOT be unlocked by software yet (as far as i know)
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    Default unlocked 3g iphone
    ok, so i take my phone to this guy who supposedly can unlock the 3g, ( i know, i knw u'll told me i was getting scammed) but her is the deal i am with tmobile and wanted the 3g so i went.This guy then downgrades frm 2.1 software to 2.0.2. My qn is, is my 3g still a 3g or does it then become just a regular iphone? i mean it is working with t mobile just fine but since i do not knw much abt iphones (this being my first) am asking isn't tht unlocking it?

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