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Thread: Appstore and jailbroken phone

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    Red face Appstore and jailbroken phone
    Hi All, I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere, but I can't find it. I have a 2G 1.1.4 broken with ziphone. If I wanted to buy an App from the Appstore, would it blow up my phone? I have several Apps that aren't available on the AppStore, like Intelliscreen, iPhone Video Recorder by Dreamcatcher, Flixwagon, Snapture, etc. I don't want to lose those Apps, most of which are purchased. I also have things like Band, which was free but now has a price tag in the App Store, and of course Kate and other Summerboard apps. Can anyone advise me please, I would really appreciate it (and I DON'T want to redo the whole phone, so please please, if you aren't sure, don't answser)! I am still on 7.0 ( iTunes too, unsure if I should update to 8...


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    You can't buy Apps from the Appstore, they only work on 2.0 firmware and above. Once you upgrade and re-jailbreak with Pwnage however, you'd be free to buy any App you wish.
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    trust me, go up to 2.1 and jail break...that FW is very stable and most off the best jailbroken apps work!

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    Eurisko, thanks. I have been thinking about it. I know I really like ziphone's jailbreak, how does Pwnage work and where can I get it? I know zibri's is pretty much a deep code break, rather than a light code break, will it work the same basic way? Also, what about my 1.1.4 apps, will they still work with 2.x, including my already-purchased apps that aren't in App Store? And man...the hours of work...I have winSCP, can I make a full backup of all the apps I have so I don't have to go get them again? If so, how would I then install them? What about all my e-books? I dread the idea of having to go find it all again!! Sorry for all the questions, I've just been itching to try out the App Store, sam with my husband's jailbroken iTouch!

    Rota, if they are all out for 2.x now, will I have to pay for them again? I DON'T want to do that, I have well over $100 in Apps on 1.1.4...
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    The apps from 1.1.4 will not work as the OS platform is not the same. For the upgrade, follow these steps. First visit for the pwnage tool (Mac only) For PC its winpwn (same site) Then you need the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader files (bin extension, which can be found in these forums) Then follow this:

    OK, here is what you need to do if you have an iphone 2G with 3.9 bootloader and unlocked using ziphone. Therefore, never been pwned.
    -First, connect your current iphone to itunes. Back up everything. (Sync your accounts).
    -Next, go into user/library/itunes and create a folder named "device support". If its already there, then delete everything in it.
    -Now download the proper 2.0 ipsw file from this forum.
    -Donwload the 3.9 and 4.6 bin files from this forum.
    -Place everything on your desktop.
    -Download Pwnge 2.0
    -Open up pwnge 2.0
    -Select the first option (iphone) but in expert mode
    -browse your computer to locate the 2.0 ipsw file.
    -Next in general tab, use enable baseband update
    -In bootloader, checkmark the box for update the bootloader and checkmark upgrade to 4.6.
    -Finally, pick build and hit the next button.
    -Pwnage will ask you to locate both the 3.9 and 4.6 bin files. Locate them manually (Make sure they were unzipped first)
    -Then it will ask you to find a location to save the new custom ipsw file.
    -Hit save and Pwnage will build the custom firmware in the selected saved location.
    -Pwnage will ask you for your administrative password to finalize the process.
    -Once the process is done, you will get a prompt telling you to plus in your iphone using your usb.
    -Follow the steps on screen to put your phone into DFU mode.
    -Pwnage will tell you it successfully found your phone in DFU mode
    -Next, close Pwnage and open up Itunes.
    -Option click the restore button and locate your new custom firmware.
    -Let itunes do its thing.
    -Once the process is done, your iphone will boot into 2.0 software but don't touch it yet.
    -Bootloader will do its thing by flashing your iphone to the proper baseband (4.6)
    -Do not touch your computer while this is happening even if Itunes is asking you to set up a new iphone.
    -Once the flashing has been done, your phone will be unlocked, activated and jailbroken.
    -If you have two macs like I do, I did the pwnage on one and had my back up on another.
    -Plug in your iphone and itunes should tell you to restore your phone with previous settings (contacts, pictures etc.)
    -Choose, restore and let the iphone get all of your data back.
    -You will notice a new tab for application.
    -Checkmark "sync all applications".
    -Get your apps from the itunes store.

    Enjoy, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

    Using Rogers in Canada and the pwnage

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    dude upgrade to 2.1 the firmware is way better. i just got the 3g and most of the apps u mentioned are on 2.0+ and if they are not they will be ported very soon. no you can not backup your apps and load them on 2.1 because they have to be ported properly. but trust me the new firmware is stable and good. also use cydia if u upgrade soon cuz installer is way to buggy to use still. and pwnage is way better then ziphone. i had a 2g ziphoned and it screwed up my 4gb 2g phone and i had to restore and pwn. never had a problem after pwnage. just upgrade, the appstore plus cydia rocks.

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    rofl still on the 1.0's? thats beyond old, well now it is..

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