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Thread: The only thing I don't like about the App Store is....

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    Default The only thing I don't like about the App Store is....
    Out of all of the years I have been buying software out here... I have always been able to back it up to a cd or dvd....

    For the software that we have bought in which I have bought alot of it from the app store I wish I could back it up to a dvd....

    What happens if the app store had a big crash? Would we loose all of the stuff we bought? Does apple keep logs of what we have bought? I set here and think what if it did crash..... I would loose everything if they don't have it backed up for me....

    I feel I have no control of the software I have purchased using the app store as far as being able to backup.

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    i think app store works like iTunes. for instance when you buy a song from iTunes apple saves it on yoru account. And lets say you restored and it all erased you can connect back to iTunes and it will recognize you bought those songs.

    I downloaded a app from app store before i jailbroke my phone. When i went to download it after i jailbroke my phone, there was a message that said i already paid for this app do i want to download again. so i think apple saves the apps to your account or server.

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    yea it does i have been downloading apps onto my iphone via app store..wnats u try and sync your phone onto itunes 7.7 a pop up shows asking if you want to transfer apps from teh app store to itunes click yes and boom its baacked up for future use

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    not only that folks, but in your iTunes folder you'll see all your apps. You can copy them to whereever you like for safekeeping.

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    they are stored on your account.  03473

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