Dactyl is also out on Installer, albeit in a much less visually appealing version.

The AppStore version of Dactyl looks great, and plays even better than the one in Installer. For only $0.99, too, its a decent deal. Dactyl is a great app for passing the time, and is more addicting than I had originally figured it would be.

The point of the game is simple - there's a bunch of bombs on the screen, and as they light up you have to tap them to keep them from going off. Its fast paced, and tougher than it looks. I've got about 90 done, but haven't been able to break 100 yet. The graphics in this version are so superior to the previous version, you can tell its more professional.

I play this pretty much every day, whenever I've got a few minutes to pass. The nice thing about Dactyl too is its not one of those games that take 20 minutes to play (Texas Hold Em, Solitaire, etc) - so its great for those times where you're bored and have a few minutes to kill while you're waiting for something. Good fun.